Happy New Year

Greeting’s everyone, being that time isn’t promised I must take a moment to affirm my appreciation for you. Without folks like you there would not be a rational reason to pursue blogging about jazz or anything for that matter. Besides, as I see it, on our journey that we must learn to walk fearlessly, keep the faith and preserver through life with love and compassion for our brothers and sisters notwithstanding their race, religion, creed, education and culture. With that said, and equally as important I sincerely value your time, love, patience, insight, criticism and your passion for jazz regardless of the flavor!

In the meantime, my resolution this New Year regardless of circumstance is to stay in the fight, stay strong, be at peace, and strive to love one another to proactively and positively make a difference in someone’s life. Peace and God bless, may you have a prosperous year ahead.

Rob Young | The Urban Flux