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Lars Jansson Trio, In Search of Lost Time

Lars Jansson Trio -][- In Search of Lost Time (MP3) [Prophone, 2012]

[Biography] – Lars Jansson of Sweden is one of the most respected and revered jazz pianists in Japan. His cool but passionate, gentle but strong, sensitive but bold pianism has gained many fans over the past 30 years. In Search Of Lost Time is his first trio recording in 5 years. It contains 14 of his old and new compositions, some inspired by and dedicated to those who are close to him, and others reflecting his spirituality and intellectual curiosity.

Belonging to the former group are songs dedicated to a friend of his daughter (“There Is A Butterfly In My Room”), a son of his friend (“Fisherman”), his Italian friends (“A Rare Italian Bird”), and his granddaughter (“Hilda”). The latter group includes “At-one-ment,” the title tune inspired by the famous book by Marcel Proust, “One Hand Clapping” that reminds us of a famous Zen koan, and “God’s Delays Are Not God’s Denials.”

Musically, these compositions range widely, from the simple, swinging and groovy to the pensive and abstract. But Jansson writes in his liner notes that “[t]he focus this time was not so much on the compositions, but more on improvising and having fun playing in the studio.” As a result of the collaborative improvisation of Janssen and his superb rhythm section, these tunes sound to the listener like 14 beautifully written, spontaneously created poems. A real pleasure to listen to!

Produced by Lars Jansson. Recorded by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2009. This CD package contains English liner notes written by Lars Jansson.

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