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Claudio Filippini, The Enchanted Garden

Claudio Filippini Trio -][- The Enchanted Garden -(MP3)- [Cam Jazz, 2011] -|- Album Review

At any given moment, it appears to me Europe offers music lovers a diverse palette of splendid jazz trio recordings. In this case, we have pianist Claudio Filippini at the helm as lead instrumentalist, composer and arranger. From the start, he masterfully displays why so many adore his relentless chops and mind numbing arranging from his previous effort now he takes listeners on piquant journey with his latest “The Enchanted Garden” on Cam Jazz.

For those of you who fancy intimate, creative and challenging recordings “The Enchanted Garden” want disappoint. Claudio introduces us to thirteen flawless pieces including “Il Fiore Purpureo” the intriguing opener. It immediately draws you into core of their mesmerizing solos and remarkable interplay. With each song his compositions weaves through the chamber of their unbroken voices to shape these pliable nuances frame by frame.

Pianist Claudio Filippini’s intuitive approach to composing, playing and arranging demonstrates why his voice encompasses attractive complexities within the body of mysterious movements captured on each piece throughout this project will indeed keep you returning for more.

–Reviewed by Rob Young | The Urban Flux