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Assaf Kehati Quartet, Flowers and Other Stories

Assaf Kehati Quartet -[]- Flowers and Other Stories -(MP3)- [Review, 2012] -|- Album Review

The innate qualities that usually lay in the fabric of music I’ve discovered aren’t by happenstance, they are indeed by design which leads me to discern jazz in itself qualifies as the leader in genres because of its inherent nature influences artists to create, innovate, explore and reinvent in order to deploy new sounds now and for the future. In this case, I’m absolutely pleased to introduce album three by a gifted, extraordinary and talented composer, arranger and guitarist named Assaf Kehati and his latest offering appropriately titled “Flowers and Other Stories.”

With my first encounter, I was a little side-tracked by the title “Flowers and Other Stories” but I soon realized once the play button was pushed the underlying message begin to resonate guitarist Assaf Kehati was about to unfold compositionally a brilliant exhibition of contemporary jazz recorded today.

It seems within a moment notice guitarist Assaf Kehati and company beckon me to envelope this unpredictable yet mesmerizing journey to come. Of course, to bring life to these amazing songs you need the right ensemble casted for a project of this magnitude. “Flowers” features the incomparable Alon Farber on saxophone, rhythm keeper Daniel Sapir on bass, along with the persistent Udi Shlomo on drums and Assaf Kehati – on guitar and compositions.

From the onset, guitarist Assaf Kehati illusive tempo invites you into a liberating adventure on “Calling Me Home.” The tonality is sonically sweet and rhythmically stimulating. The evidence is clear, this jewel addresses the need for musicians to be imaginative and draw from one another’s dexterous foreplay. Meanwhile their expressive chemistry leaves an infallible imprint which ultimately soars with a wealth of unrestrained voicings to accomplish their goal.

At a glance, throughout “Flowers and Other Stories” the compositions appear decisively sobering rhythmically and moderate to mid-tempo vibes are indeed inviting as you’ll discover when you meet songs like the odd-metered “Mr. Mario.” The ensembles voices ascend naturally to develop a cohesive spirit, sound and unmatched reverie clearly speaks by this noteworthy cast of musicians.

The longest and possibly most complex piece on the recording is “The Most Beautiful Flower,” the players here undeniably exceed expectations on this gem. The tempo weaves fervently in unison allowing room for the guys to openly define their ideas. These cats are arguably among the best of their peers and very much at the top of their game on “Flowers.”

I’m honored and thankful to have met the wondrous beauty contained in the body of sounds explored throughout “Flowers and Other Stories.” As I listen to this project, I also experienced the essence of his travels revealed through each piece I found something new and prolific to embrace. The artistry of guitarist-composer Assaf Kehati has definitely caught my attention, as you’ll discover this wonderful collection of seven intriguing songs is worth checking out.


Assaf Kehati – guitar and compositions
Alon Farber – saxophones
Daniel Sapir – bass
Udi Shlomo – drums

Please visit this remarkable guitarist named Assaf Kehati and discover what you’ve been missing.

:: Reviewed by Rob Young | The Urban Flux ::