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Guilhem André, Rêveries

Guilhem André -][- Rêveries -(MP3)- [AURASKY MUSIC, 2012]

[Biography] – The current training led by the saxophonist Guilhem André is the continuation of sharing music with different musicians for two years. At the same time, he participated in actions of the mission of the Conservatory Jazz 93 Lilac by working on projects of Simon Goubert (2004/05), Vincent Courtois (2005/06) and Jean-Jacques Birgé (2006/07).

Today the musical project of Guilhem André is surrounded by musicians from the French jazz scene and the Conservatory. His writing rather modern fate of traditional styles because of the presence of a vibraphone and an electric guitar.

Both melody and harmony, these two instruments provide a very personal and special color to the compositions of saxophonist. The quintet performs regularly in various clubs in Paris and the provinces and at festivals such as the “Joly jazz festival” or “Enghien Jazz Festival.

**The above biography was translated form French to English by Google.**

Release Date: [February 6, 2012]

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