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Greetings jazz enthusiasts, the weekend has finally arrived for some of us we’re entangled in the chill of this winters bliss. As always, thanks a bunch for hanging out with us at The Urban Flux!

Various Artists, Miles Espanol

Various Artists -[|]- Miles Espanol -(MP3)- [Entertainment One Music, 2011 | Review]

Even though we’re midway into the first month of the year, I’m honored to reflect on some recordings I have spent time on numerous occasions last year. For instance, being that I love adore new music I was blessed to immerse myself in this riveting, fresh yet approachable Latin influenced project that paid tribute to the legendary Miles Davis.

Although marginally restructured the compositions on this rendition of “Sketches of Spain” are persevered to retain its original content yet they are challenged to explore uncharted territory. Interestingly enough, you’ll find a welcome twist of multifaceted nuances underscored in the fabric of these gems will keep you returning for more. Appropriately titled “Miles Espanol,” this project is evenly shaped and divided from a Latin Jazz perspective was conceived, mended and produced by the incomparable Bob Beldon.

In the belly of this brilliant undertaking, Beldon revamps sixteen songs from Miles Davis songbook is accented by the ensembles timeless signatures as their innovative voices inhabits a truly amazing artistry to score a perfect union of partners to reinvent these classics with unique textures and unconventional swagger. In the mist of it all, this much anticipated canvas is tinted with a tapestry of Latin colored soul attached to the elements jazz binds them into a cohesive template of immeasurable patterns to this masterpieces should not be surprised to serious music aficionados this unspoiled repertoire unfolds seamlessly.

The principal players on this sessions are the legendary Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, John Scofield, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. These guys along with a host of others enhance, bend and turn the nuggets of its origin over to extend their multicultural voice to mend an accessible language to be understood by the minds, hearts and souls of music lovers internationally.

Fresh interpretations and arrangements grace this attractive two-disc collection of classic Miles, you’ll surprisingly hear paralleled illustrations represented thoroughly adjacent to original ideas employed by Beldon and friends. With each listen, you’re bound to connect to the rhythmic symmetry of this Latin tinged jazz meets soul idiom. If you don’t haven’t heard it, you might want to consider checking out this incredible journey undertaken by some of the best musicians available to pay homage to one the greats in jazz Miles Davis.

Reviewed by Rob Young | The Urban Flux