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Nina Vidal, The Open-Ended Fantasy

Nina Vidal -][- The Open-Ended Fantasy -(MP3)- [CCG Recording Group, 2012 | Review]

If you haven’t met music by the multi-talented songwriter, vocalist and pianist then your time has come to familiarized yourself as I have with an exquisite and tasteful blend of soul, jazz and pop that’s attractively wrapped in the voice of Nina Vidal.

Nina’s music embodies the intricacies of soul with fresh interpretations to extend immeasurably her volume beyond the context of her veracious talent as a songwriter and vocalist. With her second album “The Open-Ended Fantasy,” will find itself securely on the wings of her enthralling self-titled debut which replaced Norah Jones’ smash hit “Come Away with Me” as the #1 Contemporary Jazz cd in the country.

You can be assured with tracks like “Inside Outside, Cigarette & Wine,” Nina’s primary focus on “The Open-Ended Fantasy” offers us a lyrical yet nourishing vocabulary attached seamlessly to her curiously smooth and emotionally tight grooves without being cliché.

The tempo and flavor of her music spins with fluid lines, colors, and hipness found on “Games,” this bouncy gem flows with positive energy that’s much needed in music today. With rare ability, as a song writer Nina pens inspiring lyrics aligned with her humble beginnings poured through the body of her poetic voice on “Let’s Just Sayin’” makes this journey all worthwhile.

Prior to meeting this gem, this unexpected offering is formed with so many attractive songs you’ll just find yourself smiling inside by the passion accentuated through the conduit of Nina’s ascending yet beautiful tonality. Without a hint of rage (anywhere throughout), she gently reveals an ongoing tapestry of herself through the storyline of each song. At this stage, Nina delicately reshapes the legendary Sting’s “Fragile,” with her transforming voicing to essentially to make it her own.

“The Open-Ended Fantasy” at the ninth position is an instrumental piece, Nina on piano takes you on a quiet and winsome journey produced by Café is a refreshing addition not often found on vocal recordings. Without much fanfare, her self-titled debut caused quite a stir in the industry. As expected, with this project her lyrics on “Starry Night” is a perfect example of her unending potential anchored to her audibly tight instrumentation accurately portrays her as an integral voice to be reckoned with among the giants as spirited, beautiful and amazingly gifted singer and songwriter to behold.

Review by Rob Young | The Urban Flux

At your leisure, visit: Nina Vidal.com to become more aquinted with this upcoming artist.