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Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet, True

Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet -[|]- TrueMP3– [Challenge Records, 2012]

Saxophone player Yuri Honing behaved like a matchless chameleon for decades but now he seems to unite all his experiences in one statement that is clear and transparent but also passionate and trendy.

Honing created a whole new sound in a classical acoustic setting. With new and sometimes provocative compositions and a unique way of using loops.

Honing put together a group of musicians from different generations thus forming a musical weapon that blasts away all those with a cynical approach to the future of jazz. The new album was recorded last summer in Berlin. A city that is bubbling with new initiative and has at the same time a rich history. In that way it corresponds precisely with what the saxophone player represents. The album was recorded in a single day. That is all the time Yuri needs to make a statement that will buzz around in the international music scene for a long time.

Honing never made any difference in style – Jazz is not a style, but a language – and proves again that it is possible to blend the achievements of jazz and pop in an emotional and sophisticated way creating a unit that will appeal to the whole world. And not in the least because the vocal qualities of the saxophone performance reach to a new climax in this recording.

“True” is perhaps the most personal album Yuri has released so far. [Translated]

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