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Mike Prigodich, A Stitch in Time

Mike Prigodich -[|]- A Stitch in TimeMP3– [Mexican Mocha Music, 2011 | Review]

After recovering from cancer back on 2008, composer – keyboardist Mike Prigodich decided not to let this life altering disease keep him down. Instead, he submitted to first love writing music, and performing to rejuvenate his heart, mind and soul.

With this project, Prigodich pens a palette of eleven adventurous, complex and lively collage of music on this exceptional offering titled “A Stitch in Time” on Mexican Mocha Music produced by David Matthews. Out of the box, he opens with the infectious “Chaos Theory.” Suddenly this gem ascends flawlessly to rhythmically allow the ensemble room to interact seamlessly without notice they cut loose with blazing dexterity on this fusion lover’s delight. Wow, this is great way to kick off the session!

What I found remarkable about “A Stitch in Time,” is how Prigodich has clearly mastered the art of blending the elements of both jazz and fusion into one cohesive voice. You might say, that’s nothing unusual. It appears, this balancing act of merging textures, chords, and off measures in a way that’s accessible isn’t exactly a piece of cake. In the meantime, I discovered that he reinforces his concept brilliantly with the savvy and riff intense tune called “Spanish Swordfight.” The ensemble attacks this tune vigorously with style, energy and finesse by connecting the dots without sounding congested.

His usage of Latin ingredients stirred to perfection in the mix is a worthy component on “A Measure of Luck.” Ironically, on both this and previous jam is the explanation point that stretches his voice as a composer. On “Sixes and Sevens,” they dive into the deeper end of the pool on the jazzier side of this offering. Bassist Damian Erskine intercedes by mirroring Jaco inspired voicings, later the unit gains momentum to effortlessly conjure up more Latin influenced musicality at the end of the song.

Prigodich raises the bar with “A Stitch of Time,” musically speaking his ideas unveiled is a near perfect stimulus package for fusionist. Amazingly Prigodich and company astounds as they mysteriously render each note, phrase, and color illustrated on “Anneka’s Dance (Fantasy and Allusion) features the gifted Tim Jensen on flute.

The playful “A Stitch of Time” is pulsating yet an arousing piece binds their fluent personalities together as they exceed the boundary sonically of each turn, and passage with precision. At this juncture, I realized at this moment it’s tunes like this is what great music and musicianship is all about.

With the balance of “Coreatown, Wishful Thinking, Nigel’s Theme and Stevieland” to go these gentlemen distinctly soar with confidence on their way to the top of this genre. In addition, although this record is almost a year old fusionist and jazz enthusiast alike will be surprised by the inventiveness, spirit and soul that resonate through the conduit of each song unconditionally with purpose and equally as important how they are executed by this wonderful cast.

Mike Prigodich – piano, and keyboards | Damian Erskine – bass | Reinhardt Melz – drums | John Nastos – sax | Brandon Woody – guitar | Rafael Trujillo – percussion | Paul Mazzio – trumpet | Patrick Lamb – saxophone – Tim Jensen – flute | Toshi Onizuka – palmas

Review by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

For more details about this artist, please visit www.mikeprigodich.com