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Ahmad Jamal, Blue Moon

Ahmad Jamal -][- Blue MoonMP3– [Jazz Village, 2012]

“Blue Moon is not just Ahmad Jamal’s latest album, it’s his latest masterpiece, suffused with a feeling reminiscent of his greatest periods with Chess and Impulse !

Original compositions of pure majesty, brilliant new interpretations of American legends (the “film noir”, Broadway, the vast open spaces), each of these nine pieces showcases Jamal’s creative reinvention of swing, provides a pretext for some breathtaking melodies and calls on sophisticated syncopations that will leave you gasping.

Accompanied by three impeccable guardians of the tempo, Ahmad Jamal is at the peak of his art. Formerly a highly talented pianist of a type of music known as jazz, he is now the chief apostle of American classical music.”

..:: SOURCE: GreenteaSession ::..