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Richard Manetti, Why Note

Richard Manetti -][- Why NoteMP3– [Label Bleu, 2012 | Review]

Why Note, is unquestionably a nice find! French guitarist Richard Manetti serves up a delicious blend of contemporary and modern jazz with his latest offering. Like many of you, this is certainly my first encounter with Manetti’s music.

Surprised, absolutely because after listening his consummate tonality flows evenly through the core of these admirable pieces with immense yet colorful melodies align neatly to frame creative and attractive story-lines as brilliantly executed by the guitarist on the opening track “Why Note.”

Initially I found the ensemble’s symmetry faultless, to compliment their interplay Manetti plays effortlessly on “Braz-Tang.” His impeccable touch matches perfectly to his inventive penmanship, his voice soars extensively on “Camden Town” this jewel rocks. The variety is welcomed on these eleven gorgeous compositions, the lush tones “Toninho” is saturated with the intimate side of his voicing. Why Note, is immaculate in tone and execution. You’ll find this repertoire of songs seasoned with engaging arrangements, therefore offering you an inviting listening experience. —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media