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As always, I’m excited to discover fresh, creative and innovative sounds. On this occasion, I just stumbled into this extraordinary and talented young Trio from New Orleans called The Bridge Trio. The group has already received International acclaim, this of course is among many reasons supports my theory on why artists of this caliber makes this journey a worthwhile one. —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

The Bridge Trio (feat. Donald Harrison & Davell Crawford)

The Bridge Trio (feat. Donald Harrison & Davell Crawford) -][- Self-TitledMP3– [The Bridge Trio, 2012]

Blessed with the natural ability to blend the joy and youthfulness of their sound with the knowledge and wisdom of lyrics beyond their years, The Bridge Trio spans the generational lines between the old school jazz that influenced their sound to the new jazz-infused compilation of several contemporary genres that comprises their debut album.

Raised in New Orleans, one of the most revered cities for music and young talent, Joe Dyson, Max Moran and Conun Pappas bring their Southern roots and world travel to every experience chronicled in their compositions. Each member a graduate of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), the Bridge Trio learned at a young age the fundamentals and demands involved with cultivating creative sound from some of the city’s greatest musicians.

Legendary jazz performer and educator, Alvin Batiste, not only helped bring these three musicians together, but also gave them a chance to perform at the famous New Orleans jazz bistro, Snug Harbor, before they were even old enough to get in most venues. Next, noted jazz saxophonist, Donald Harrison, saw the potential in Dyson, Moran, and Pappas, and asked them to play in his backing band at gigs both locally and worldwide, allowing then to establish a professional career before they headed off to college.

All three members of the Bridge Trio are now graduates of two of the most distinguished music schools in the country, with Dyson and Moran holding degrees from Berklee College of Music, and Pappas from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. The trio’s undeniable talent and prophetic ability to create music that spans all ages spurred the launched their international careers. Having performed at famed venues, festivals and locations worldwide, including Paris, Morocco, St. Croix, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, The Bridge Trio have taken their experiences far from home and the electricity the group brings to the stage into one innovative recording.

The album features exciting compositions that play to the heartfelt emotions of each song’s story. “125th and Broadway,” dips and dives into frantic musical sections that represent the urgency of the trio’s time spent in New York City. Each bustling section plays into a calmer, more comforting sound that meant to convey the peace and desolation felt when the city life dies down and residents finally get a chance to come up for air. “Heroes” explores our mortality as humans and our cultural fascination with the superhuman hero. The tempo and connectivity of “Heroes” ask the listener to examine the bounds of our own human strength, using our own individual passions and talents to help improve society; this is the cultivation of a true hero. Those same passions are explored on the lovelorn “So You’re Leaving,” where swift sounds blended with a soft, sweet melody signify the sadness of losing someone in an instant, yet celebrates the renewal each party finds in their new freedom.

It is this awareness of the world that inspired them that makes Joe, Max and Conun who they are as musicians; and this debut signifies the birth of something more than just music. It represents the creation of a new culture, built around an ever-evolving mission to connect all the Trio has learned to all they have become.

The Bridge Trio Debut Liner Notes by Briana Prevost

Find out more about this amazing young Trio from New Orleans at TheBridgeTrio.com, while you’re here be sure check out their spot on Tumlr.com

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