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Third Story, Third Story

Third Story -][- Third StoryMP3– [Third Story, 2012]

Do you read your favorite book over and over again? Stare repeatedly at one brilliant work of art? How about giving a music recording another spin? During the first listen, you might recognize the style of music and get a general sense of the sound. During the second listen, you gain a stronger understanding of the structure of the music, when sections begin or end, and what instruments are playing.

The third time around tells a different story.

All of a sudden, melodies become recognizable, broader shapes and forms begin to appear, and shifts in the color of harmonies become clearer. It’s that melodic recognition, that clarity of the broader scope for which Third Story reaches.

Formed by bassist Danny Weller – and featuring guitarist Jeff Miles (winner of 2008 Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition), pianist Joshua White (2011 Monk Competition Finalist), and Los Angeles drummer Jens Kuross – Third Story is a new voice in modern jazz. A venture into lush piano ostinatos, ambient guitar fills, aggressive rhythmic interplay, and haunting melodies, Third Story’s debut album features original compositions ranging from straight-ahead swing to Latin, fusion, and “straight-eighths” rhythms influenced by 1970’s ECM recordings. The band plays with melodies of different colors and shapes; sometimes nobody solos, sometimes everybody solos simultaneously. Walls of sound interrupted by moments of pristine simplicity. Third Story explores a realm of sound and force that reads like a favorite book: clear, powerful, and truthful.

A professsional bassist since the age of 16, Danny Weller has backed up numerous jazz artists such as Gilbert Castellanos, Geoffrey Keezer, Charles McPherson, Mike Wofford, Peter Sprague, Jason Palmer, and Mike Moreno, and pop artists such as Miss Tess, Earl Thomas, and Scott Russo (Unwritten Law). —Album Notes | CDBaby.com

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