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Greeting’s everyone, it’s great to be back with you. It’s an honor today to introduce another exceptional new voice in jazz. Write it down folks, his name is Johnathan Blake! The Grammy-nominated drummer debuts with “The Eleventh Hour” on Sunnyside Records! If you seriously love modern jazz, don’t miss extraordinary offering by the gifted Johnathan Blake! —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Johnathan Blake is without peer among young drummers for clarity of his beat and incisiveness of his swing.”
Brian Lynch

Johnathan Blake, Eleventh Hour

Johnathan Blake -][- The Eleventh HourMP3– [Sunnyside, 2012]

Grammy-nominated drummer and composer, Johnathan Blake, has been working steadily in the contemporary jazz scene for the past 10 years. He has been a first-call drummer for many notable jazz musicians such as Tom Harrell, David Sanchez, Russell Malone, Kenny Barron, Randy Brecker, and Oliver Lake to name a few. His musicianship, professionalism, and positive attitude are few of the attributes that make him the choice drummer for many. In addition to being a sideman, Johnathan performs with his own group internationally.

Johnathan Blake was born in Philadelphia on July 1st, 1976 as a son of a world-renown jazz violinist, John Blake, Jr. Naturally, Johnathan was introduced to the world of jazz music by his father from early on. Although, Johnathan began playing violin at the age three under his father’s guidance, he never felt at home with the instrument. He always felt a close connection to the drums in spite of his father’s wish for Johnathan to become a violinist.

When Johnathan was 10 years old, a visiting music teacher at his elementary school allowed him to choose an instrument after Johnathan scored perfect on the music aptitude test. Without hesitation, Johnathan picked the drum set. He started taking lessons at the school and it became clear to everyone very quickly that the drums, indeed, was his instrument. -[Biography]-

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