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New Artists, New Technologies, New Dave Douglas Quintet Album With All-New Lineup

Dave Douglas

While 2012 could be the year of the global apocalypse as predicted by the Mayans, trumpeter, composer and label head Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music (GLM) continue to roll full-steam ahead by releasing jazz, post-jazz, and other creative music. The label’s credo is simply about creativity in musical expression. As a result, GLM’s sound is defined by the artists Douglas chooses to sign, allowing them room to define their own world—new sounds that connect, music that has something personal to say that is unique to that individual, as well as having something universal to offer. GLM believes that what interests listeners is not just the recorded product, but the artists themselves. As such we are interested in making available sheet music, artist commentary, discussion and more.

This Spring will bring new albums from two remarkable young musicians: the Malaysia-born, Perth, Australia-raised and now New York-based powerhouse bassist and composer Linda Oh (May 22nd) and the Chicago-based chamber-jazz composer and bassist Matt Ulery (June 12).

Linda Oh

Linda Oh

Bassist and compoaser Linda Oh, whose 2009 self-released debut album Entry, featuring the unconventional lineup of bass, trumpet & drums, shook the jazz world up and put the Aussie bassist on the map almost overnight, beginning with a rave live New York Times review by critic Ben Ratliff who wrote, “self-generated energy fuels [Oh’s] go-for-broke improvisation.” The acclaimed pianist Vijay Iyer later wrote in the pages of artFORUM, “a young bass powerhouse from down-under… I love how she just blew into town and took over.”

Entry was voted the #3 debut album in that year’s 3rd Annual Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll. Since that time Oh has worked in the bands of Dave Douglas, Kenny Barron, Steve Wilson, Fabian Almazan, The Le Boeuf Brothers and many more. GLM will be releasing Oh’s 2nd album entitled Initial Here, featuring saxophonist Dayna Stephens, pianist Fabian Almazan, drummer Rudy Royston and guest vocalist Jen Shyu. Look for Linda on the road and for the new album May 22nd, 2012. “What can I say,” says Douglas, “Linda is among the best! What I hear on this record is a very personal statement of auspicious beginnings, of growth and change, and an inspired use of some of this country’s finest musicians. There’s great playing from everyone involved. Her vision on this album puts her on the forefront of creative musicians working today. I am so thrilled to be able to release this music on Greenleaf.”

Matt Ulery

Matt Ulery

Bassist Matt Ulery represents an extension of GLM’s roots in Chicago and Douglas’ interest in providing a platform for independent voices who may not be well-known in the greater jazz world, but whose raw talent lends great promise to the future of the music. Ulery, who has worked as a bassist with a number of Chicago-based bandleaders including Patricia Barber, Fareed Haque, Howard Levy, Grazyna Auguscik, Goran Ivanovic’s Eastern Blok and Jeff Parker, is also an accomplished arranger and composer. His work for chamber and large ensembles use unique timbres to achieve new sounds that owe as much to “new music” and film music as they do to his jazz forebears. Along these lines, his new release By A Little Light represents a continuation of his large ensemble writing, this time including members of the Chicago-based acclaimed chamber ensemble, Eighth Blackbird.

“With Eastern Blok and many others Matt Ulery has been making great music for some time now. Greenleaf is proud to be able to release Matt’s most ambitious music to date,” enthuses Douglas. “I am most impressed by the pure emotion captured on this recording. By A Little Light is a pure outpouring of feeling. Beyond that richness there is the audacity and strength involved in organizing such a large and cohesive group. Matt pulled it all off on every level, with a crack crew of fine musicians–many of them already friends of Greenleaf–and a very special appearance from vocalist Grazyna Auguscik. I am confident listeners from the Greenleaf sphere and beyond will love this record.”

Dave Douglas Arabesque Reissues
Also in June, Greenleaf will reissue two out-of-print CDs originally issued on the Arabesque label in the mid-1990s. The CDs, Leap of Faith and Magic Triangle both feature Douglas’ working quartet from that period with Chris Potter, James Genus and Ben Perowsky. The CDs will be presented in one beautiful 8-panel digipak with original artwork and new liner notes by Douglas.

Donny McCaslin Releases New Studio Album Fall 2012

Donny McCaslin

Saxophonist and GLM stalwart Donny McCaslin is creating a new recording for Greenleaf release in Fall 2012. The new album is a further extension of Donny’s move into electric, groove-based original music featuring intense dynamic interplay between the musicians. Featuring Beat Music drummer Mark Guiliana; Tim Lefebvre on electric bass and effects; Jason Lindner on electric keyboards; and Donny McCaslin on saxophone. The new release is being produced by David Binney, resulting in another key piece in the boundary defying saxophonist’s discography. The new release makes another key step into the area between jazz, electronica, drum and bass, and sound exploration, along with McCaslin’s signature virtuosity and melodic drive.

Dave Douglas Forms Brand New Quintet & Releases First Studio Album Since 2009

Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas will form a new edition of his acclaimed quintet with all new players and will release his first studio album since 2009’s Spirit Moves by Brass Ecstacy. This album will be released September 2012.

More details on the band, the theme of the album and more touring information will be forthcoming. Please stay tuned for that.

Technology Initiatives
The year 2012 will also see the complete launch of Greenleaf Music’s full Web 2.0 Suite, including the already-existing web-based Cloud player on GreenleafMusic.com, iPhone & iPad apps and most significantly an open source WordPress artist website plug-in aimed specifically at jazz artists and their fans. The open-source plug-in will provide significant functionality for artists to stream, sell and promote their work through simple-to-use tools spanning social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The iPhone and iPad apps feature streaming; a music store (CDs, mp3s); subscription access; functionality for accessing, purchasing and printing sheet music; and an interactive blog all aimed at creating a community of mobile users and performers.

This has all been made possible by a generous jazz.NEXT grant Douglas received in October, 2010 from the Doris Duke Charitable Trust, administered by Mid-Atlantic Arts to incorporate cutting-edge technology for the traditionally “analogue” jazz world. These new features are a significant enhancement to Greenleaf’s popular subscription service launched in tandem with GreenleafMusic.com in 2005.

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