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Gregoire Maret, Gregoire Maret

Gregoire Maret -][- Gregoire Maret [Entertainment One, 2012]

Prepare yourself for the most important debut jazz recording since Esperanza Spaulding broke through a few years ago. Gregoire Marét is not only a musicians musician as evidenced by the testimonials above but hes a charismatic virtuoso whose musical concepts are at once highly melodic, soulful, swinging, and elegantly exploratory.

On his debut album, Gregoire proves himself to be a master interpreter of works by Chick Corea, Milton Nascimento, Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny, and others; and also an impressionistic composer of great panache and sophistication in his own right. The selections are extended, diverse, richly textured and always engaging.

Supported by an impressive cast, including vocalists Cassandra Wilson and Raul Midòn, and bassist Marcus Miller, Gregoire Marét has brought forth that rare creation in todays jazz an album that is simultaneously forward-looking and in the moment. State of the art, 2012.

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