Max Merseny, Thanks Y'all

Max Merseny -][- Thank Y’allMP3– [Tiptoe, 2011]

Max was born on 05/14/1988 Merseny the son of Hungarian parents to the world, which was marked for him from the beginning of music. This circumstance he owed mainly to his father Thomas Merseny, who played as a singer and guitarist for many well known orchestras. Already in childhood he had piano lessons and attended various music schools. Max finally took up the saxophone Merseny 1999 musical at the Pestalozzi-Gymnasium. During his school years he took lessons with renowned teachers such as Ingo Erlhoff, Axel Kuhn, Peter Kral and Leszek Zadlo.

After his secondary school certificate 2004 Max Merseny was then accepted as a mere 16 years at the Munich Academy of Music and Theatre, to be taught in the following years of musical greats such as Thomas Zoller, Tony Lakatos, Paulo Cardoso. In 2008 he completed his musical studies successfully obtained his diploma and went on next to the master’s program at Gregor Huebner, several study trips to New York where he was cared for by jazz veterans like Bob Franceschini, Gregoire Maret, Steve Slagle, and Barry Harris. New York was for Max, however, interesting not only as a mecca of jazz, but also as the cradle of another revolutionary musical culture: hip-hop. That is in addition to soul and R & B, Max’s second great passion, he has also learned from the ground up and studied.

It is not surprising that Max already with some well-known national and international hip-hop acts like Umi, Roger Rekless, 4zu1, click Raggasnoda, MainConcept, etc. Boshi San cooperated and has been on stage. In soul music was especially Merseny nationally with the “Groove Delicious gourmet” or “Capone” on the road. Similarly, long reads the list of jazz musicians, with whom Max has been playing Merseny: Patrick Scales, Michael Riessler, Till Bronner, Robby Ameen, Pierre Charial, Leslie Mandoki Soulmates and Manuel Orza are just a few of the names.

In September 2011, Mersenys appear with “Thank Y’all”-titled debut album in enja Records, which has guest appearances by fellow musicians like Tony Lakatos, Patrick Scales, Roger Rekless many others. contains. In this autumn release can look forward to a unique blend of jazz, soul and hip-hop elements. But the first album is not even out there, because Max Merseny is on its way to new horizons. He currently holds up in New York to work on new songs. It came as part of Jam Sessions already inspiring encounters with exceptional artists such as Ron Grant, Alex Han, Ron Long, Ezra Brown, etc. One may be curious to see what the future holds. -[Biography Translated]-