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Gino Vannelli And The Metropole Orchestra, The North Sea Jazz Festival 2002

Gino Vannelli and The Metropole Orchestra -][- The North Sea Jazz Festival 2002MP3– [MiG, 2011]

It must be daunting to perform your music with a large orchestra and new arrangements. Let’s face it, a lot of rock and R&B music from the past wouldn’t pass this test and would be revealed for what it is: marginal music that doesn’t hold up well over time because it was pretty thin and one dimensional in the first place. Despite this, music of this nature can become quite popular despite its shortcomings. Not so with Gino Vanelli’s work. This album clearly shows the depth of Gino’s work. Much of his music seems made for a large orchestra and its complexity and technical flawlessness is clearly on display here.

The mystery has always been why Vanelli’s music isn’t more popular. While he has always been popular, it seems that he has never reached the hyper-success of other much less talented musicians and performers (who shall remain nameless.) I think the answer is here. Music that can meet these standards and thrives with new arrangements and large orchestras isn’t always appealing to the masses who are often satisfied with a couple of catchy riffs or a good beat and really don’t appreciate anything beyond that.

Vanelli’s music is on a whole different level that demands much more from the listener to fully appreciate its excellence and technical superiority. For those who appreciate his music and his talent, this album is a feast and they should take every opportunity to listen to and savour this performance. It is outstanding. For those who don’t appreciate his work , they should really go back to Vanelli’s earlier work and try to develop an appreciation for his music. It will be well worth it. —Craig Johnston | Amazon.com Customer Review

Original Release Date: April 29, 2011

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