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The New World Jazz Composers Octet, Breaking News

The New World Jazz Composers Octet -][- Breaking NewsMP3– [Big and Phat Jazz Productions, 2011 | Review]

Every generation of jazz aficionados has their particular style of jazz that “we” claim is usually better then what our esteem peers listens to. Come on now, don’t act like you and your cohorts don’t wallow in sphere of jazz [genre] snobbery sometimes?

While flipping through a stack of music the other day, the name “The New World Jazz Composers Octet” jumped right at me. Now according to the names on the liner-notes they prompted me to explore further what this group has to offer musically. “TNWJCO” features ten incomparable artists of European and American decent, this of course tickle my curiosity seek what the “Breaking News” is actually all about.

On the opener, to my surprise the Octet immediately came to play with unwavering chemistry their voices burn impressively as a unit on “Poco Picasso.” Amazingly, this engaging, hard-and hitting gem stings with head-bopping velocity to assure us this is the real deal . No doubt, this is a great way to take flight with their latest record titled “Breaking News.” Just think, there are more surprises waiting to be heard.

After a few spins, it occurred to me … I’m thankful when “Wishful Thinking” resonated in my space with a pulse of arresting tones. Yes, I’m delighted this gem jumped right into my undeserving hands and soul. For those of you who are proactive about exploring new sounds, this gem is definitely one worthy of savoring the intimacy rooted in these pulsating sounds time and again. The founder and leader of the Octet saxophonist Daniel Ian Smith with his colleagues penned several desirable and unyielding compositions including the title “Breaking News” by trumpeter Walter Platt. These songs spin and float with intrigue and intensity throughout. As seasoned musicians, they include a Trilogy of provocative voices to the mix with the following tribute to “Thad’s Pad, Strays and Willis.”

What a joy, this collaboration by this ensemble of incredible musicians proves to be the right mixture of harmonic transitions, intensity and reoccurring melodies corresponds seamlessly with their introspective voices. No doubt, this project should indeed make a great addition to your music collection. —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Daniel Ian Smith: Saxophones
Felipe Salles: Tenor Sax and Flute
Ken Cervenka: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Walter Platt: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Tim Ray: Piano
Keala Kaumeheiwa: Acoustic Bass
Mark Walker: Drums
Ernesto Diaz: Percussion
Catherine Hazel Smith: Spoken Word [Special Guest]