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Lisa Hilton – Piano with Larry Grenadier – Bass, Nasheet Waits – Drums, J.D. Allen – Tenor Sax

Lisa Hilton, American Impressions

Lisa Hilton -][- AMERICAN IMPRESSIONS – [Ruby Slippers Productions, 2012] –

Lisa Hilton is a composer – pianist – bandleader – producer who has been hailed as “One of the major voices in the modern jazz community” (The Jazz Messenger) and is compared to some of the best pianists in history in the book The New Face of Jazz for what Down Beat magazine recently noted: “Hilton clearly has a musical voice.” Hilton is especially recognized for her expressive and impressionistic approach at the keyboard. Although she has been compared to such diverse musicians as Brad Mehldau, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, Erik Satie and even Debussy, Hilton is cited as, “A rarity that she displays a truly original voice,” (The Jazz Messenger).

Her compositions are exciting: rich in musical heritage, blues inflections, intelligent use of harmonic and rhythmic textures and imbued with warmth, beauty and soul. “I appreciate traditional jazz, but I am not a traditionalist, ” Hilton explains, “As a composer I admire the compositions of Miles Davis, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington and Muddy Waters, and I do reference them in a style that represents our cultural desire today to embrace our past.
I also choose to be moving forward though in jazz and create new musical approaches”. The result is a fresh sound that is evocative, intelligent, engaging and redirecting jazz into the twentyfirst century.

Dubbed by JazzReview a “Lioness of Jazz”, Hilton continually works with some of the greatest jazz musicians today: Christian McBride, Nasheet Waits, J. D. Allen, , Larry Grenadier, Lewis Nash, Bobby Militello, Jeremy Pelt, Brice Winston, Rudy Royston, Jaimeo Brown, Ameen Saleem and Steve Wilson. She produces an album a year of her own compositions and arrangements, now totaling thirteen stateside CD’s and over 160+ tracks on iTunes. Hiltons’ music continues to receive critical acclaim, honors, awards and also longevity in radio airplay in the US, Canada and around the world. -[Biography]-

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