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TGIF everyone, the weekend has finally arrived! Woe and behold during my quest to discover some new sounds I couldn’t believe what I was seeing keyboardist Steve Weingart is back with “Dialogue” his latest project. The multifaceted keyboardist teams up with a gorgeous, talented and funky bassist named Renee Jones who by the way is Steve’s wife. Together the dynamic duo serves up a tasty combination of a eleven song fusion set that’s bound to stay locked in the CD and MP3 player rotation for awhile … did I say tasty? Just in case you haven’t heard, “Dialogue” is exclusively for folks who thought jazz fusion was dead! —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Steve Weingart & Renee Jones Dialogue

Steve Weingart & Renee Jones -][- DialogueMP3– [Skeewa Music, 2011] –

Dialogue is the latest release by Steve Weingart. It is just as great as all the other releases he has released. He is an accomplished pianist/keyboardist/song-writer/composer. The music feels “current”. Hip grooves, flowing melodies, and great musicians. The entire set of songs on Dialogue are very interesting and inspiring. On Bass and Vocals is his wife, Renee Jones. Very talented musician. One of the trademarks of any great musician is their “signature”. Steve has a distinct signature in his playing. Effortless runs, melodic arrangements and a sense of cohesiveness with the band of musicians. You feel a sense that everyone is supporting one another in their performance. That comes forth in the music and makes the listening experience very enjoyable.

I highly recommend purchasing this CD/Download. I did and I can’t wait to hear more releases from Steve Weingart. —TRFB | Amazon.com Customer Review

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