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Various Artists, Birth of the Cool Funk - (Vintage Jams and Serious Grooves, Vol2)

Various Artists -][- Birth of the Cool Funk – Vintage Jams and Serious Grooves, Vol. 2 –MP3– [LRC Ltd., 2012]-

Truly a “best of” compilation of vintage cool funk …

Excellent choice cuts. While the Jams are vintage they are also timeless. These seem to get better with age and each time I listen to it, the old cliche “like a fine wine” applies.

I was also impressed with crystal-clear quality and rich dynamics of the recordings, yet nowhere does the CD cover mention whether the recording is digitally remastered. –Amazon Customer Review

Featuring: Jimmy McGriff, O’Donel Levy, Joe Thomas, Johnny Lytle, Ramon Morris, Jimmy Ponder, Bob Berg, Miles Davis, Lonnie Smith and B. Baker Chocolate Company!

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