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Beats & Pieces Big Band  -][- Big IdeasMP3– [Efpi Records, 2012]-

Recent winners of the Burghausen European Young Artists’ Jazz Award 2011, the Beats & Pieces Big Band are fast becoming one of the country’s most talked about jazz groups. Led by composer and conductor Ben Cottrell, its 14 members are drawn from some of the most exciting and in demand young musicians active in the UK today, all of whom met and began playing together whilst students in Manchester. Their debut album, Big Ideas, is released in March 2012 on Efpi Records.

Beats & Pieces dazzled with a glorious, full-bloodied set demonstrating all that’s good about big band jazz. The big band tradition is alive and well and living in Manchester.” Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise

Their music draws on a wide range of influences from Loose Tubes to Radiohead to redefine the role of the big band for a new generation. This diversity of musical backgrounds and reference points is reflected in the activities of the musicians themselves – members of the band are busy as full time jazzers, dubstep session musicians, experimental free improv artists and members of classical orchestras, amongst others.

“They couple gale-force collective energy and confidence to startlingly original material (most of it by its rising-star leader Ben Cottrell) that acknowledges big-band traditions while radically modernising them.” John Fordham, The Guardian

Growing from an initial meeting in early 2008, the band were invited to open the Manchester Jazz Festival later that year on the strength of a two track demo recorded at that very first rehearsal. Since then, the band have performed across the UK to consistent audience and critical acclaim. In March 2011, Beats & Pieces were named as the winners of the European Young Artists’ Jazz Award, part of the Burghausen International Jazz Festival in Germany. Winning the competition ahead of 4 other finalists from across Europe led to a gala concert supporting Chick Corea and Gary Burton, which was recorded for broadcast on German TV and radio.

Their performance would have reassured anyone who wonders whether the big band tradition can connect with a twentysomething audience that knows its Radiohead but thinks that Stan Kenton is probably a window-cleaner in Coronation StreetClive Davis, The Times

Their first (now-deleted) EP was released in December 2009 on Efpi Records, an independent label co-founded and managed by three of the band members, and a limited edition DVD of a live performance at Manchester’s famous Band on the Wall venue was released in October 2011. In 2012 the band will embark on a major UK tour produced by Serious, to coincide with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Big Ideas’, distributed by Proper Note. -[Biography]-

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