Equilibrium is a provocative title by Polish alto-saxophonist Maciej Obara, this gem is without a doubt a hidden treasure and one savor with each encounter the remnants of progress jazz flows graciously. —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

Maciej Obara Quartet, Equilbrium

Maciej Obara Quartet -][- EquilibriumMP3– [Maciej Obara, 2011]-

Maciej Obara is a young Polish composer and alto saxophonist.

His career started after recording “Message from Ohayo” in 2006, with which he won the Bielska Zadymka Jazz Contest for young jazz bands.

In the year 2008 Obara organized a tour in Poland with Antoine Roney, the prominent jazz saxophone player from USA.

In 2008 he was also recommended by Manfred Eicher(ECM) to Tomasz Stanko, which resulted in their frutful cooperation. During this period Maciej Obara recorded and performed music for the Tomas Stanko “Terminal 7” show in National Theatre, he participated in the international project called “Tomasz Stańko Special Project” during the Autumn Jazz Festival 2007 and cooperated with Stańko in his project “New Balladyna Quartet”.

In January 2008 Maciej Obara Trio released a new recording “I can do it”, which received th enthusiastic reviews in press.

In November 2009 the leader of the band presented his new project – “Obara Special Quartet”, into which he invited musicians from NY School of
Improvisational Music: Ralph Alessi – trumpet, Mark Helias – bass, Nasheet Waits – drums.

The 2009 autumn tour with Alessi, Helias and Waits lead to the recording in NY studio Systemstwo.
In January 2010 Maciej Obara released the album and named it “Four”.
Album is available now.

During the winter workshop in Brooklyn Academy of Music Obara recorded also the second album titled “Three” with Harvey Sorgen and John Lindberg. -[Biography]-

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