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Johannes Enders, Billy Rubin

Johannes Enders -][- Billy RubinMP3– [Yellowbird Records, 2012] –

Johannes Enders is one far beyond the borders of Germany to become the best jazz musicians and arguably most experimental of his profession. The tenor saxophonist from Weilheim, who studied in Munich, Graz and New York, is a go-getting creative spirit whose immense artistic output is full of surprises. With the Tied & Tickled Trio and his studio project Enders Room, both characterized by constantly changing instrumentation, the 44-year-old musician explores primarily the broad area of ​​conflict between electronic and jazz, experimenting there as a multi-instrumentalist with a particular sound atmospheres.

In addition, Enders pursued for years as a leader of various ensembles (trio, quartet and quintet) is a intimate, relaxed jazz philosophy. “Billy Rubin” is the result of one of those classic quartet recordings, a meaningful project, which marks the current decade friendship with the 70-year-old US-American drummer Billy Hart. The Swiss pianist Jean-Paul Brodbeck and living in Graz and Vienna, Serbian bassist John Enders Milan Nicholic complete the quartet.

Drums, bass, piano and saxophone are interwoven with great sensitivity, the musicians always strive for stringent harmonies and play in a continuous flow. One reason is that Enders is no friend of exposed solo escapades. “Billy Rubin” is as classic as timeless and modern, as melancholy as red as Miles Davis on his classic “A Kind of Blue” sounds. -[Biography]-

..:: Source: www.johannes-enders.com