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Iñaki Arakistain, Plan B

Iñaki Arakistain -][- Plan BMP3– [Youkali Music, 2012]-

This is an album I wanted to do in the early 90’s. In fact, some compositions are as Plan B and then also harmonic concept. It’s something that was pending with myself, a combination of styles: Brazil, Latin, Funk … but with the common language of jazz. Although Funk Jazz Music Project is an ambiguous definition, I think is right.

The title of the album, Plan B, is a subject I wrote in 1991. Then I wondered how would the world within 20 years, and maybe then you should find an alternative way of life …

In the past 20 years the world and my life has changed exponentially, and I’m still looking for a Plan B.

Iñaki Arakistain, tenor and alto sax
Jorge Vistel, trumpet and flugelhorn
German Kucich, piano
Israel Sandoval, guitar
Dan Rochlis, eight-string guitar
Georvis Pico, battery

..:: SOURCE: Youkali Music [Translated] ::..