Very Kühn, On The Run

Very Kühn -][- On The RunMP3– [Yellowbird Records, 2012] –

Incredible Coincidence or Divine Providence? Since there are actually two outstanding jazz musicians of the same name – one Axel Kühn a saxophonist among others, the SWR Big Band and for many years a fixture in Munich, the other is with its 29 years already one of the most sought after bassists in the Stuttgart scene, Jazz award winner Baden-Württemberg and beyond with his own band Kühntett extremely successful. Same name, same music – that is crying out for a common bond: Quartet The Very Bold!

The band’s name stands for a project of two musicians, the musical blend together beautifully. Their program includes mostly original songs whose roots lie in the bop, but are still open to influences of contemporary music and leave plenty of room for creative and modern game. To complete the quartet with the drummer and pianist Marcel Gustke Chris Gall.

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