São Paulo-based Vocalist and Songwriter Focuses on Bohemian Journeys and Musical Relationships on New Conceptual Album

“FFFree,” a brief one-minute and seven-second interlude found on Céu’s new album, Caravana Sereia Bloom perfectly paraphrases and captures the spirit of this conceptual record. “There is a road inside of me. Don’t know where it’s going to lead. My eyes are closed. Only witness I have is the wind on my cheek, whispering FFFree.” The Brazilian singer envisioned the open road, the existential mythology of travel and the bohemian atmosphere while creating her third album, Caravana Sereia Bloom which is available today via Six Degrees Records.

Basically this entire album is a collection of short tales revolving around the chaos of a road trip,” Céu explains. “The record as a whole was a way to pay tribute to ‘Caravan Holiday’ from the movie Bye Bye Brasil. In each song I put myself in a different character’s place.

Numerous road trips from her São Paulo home to Brazil’s Northeast proved to be the perfect inspiration for her new sonic adventure. Céu stretched her musical vocabulary by exploring a multitude of Latin American sounds and incorporating styles such as cumbia, lambadas, carímbos, bregas and guitarradas. “All the files were sitting in a big folder on my computer under a very boring name: Studies on the Road,” says a reflective Céu. “So I decided to mix the title of one song with a word found in the lyrics of another. Then I added ‘Caravan’ in front of the sentence. In the end it made a lot of sense, as the album was created in partnership with a lot of other people.”

Céu, Caravana Sereia Bloom

On Caravana Sereia Bloom, you can hear how much Céu is enjoying her journey throughout the 13 tracks and 35 minutes of the recording. Producer Gui Amabis does a fantastic job of allowing stripped down guitars to convey a constant sense of momentum and Céu pushes musical boundaries to further develop her own unique sound. Caravana Sereia Bloom is the follow up to her acclaimed album Vagarosa, and last week it premiered exclusively with Latina Magazine at Latina.com. Caravana Sereia Bloom is currently streaming in full with AOL Music’s Listening Party and MSN Music’s Listening Booth.

The Grammy/Latin Grammy-nominated singer is receiving global recognition for her new album and continues to internationalize her revolutionary sound. Caravana Sereia Bloom earned a 4-star review in Rolling Stone (Brazil) and Céu is currently on tour in Europe with stops in France, Germany and the UK where she will perform on the legendary program Later … with Jools Holland. After additional tour dates in her native-Brazil, Céu will return to the US and Canada in June for the North American leg of her tour (dates TBA).

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