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Edmar Castaneda, DOUBLE PORTION

Edmar Castaneda -][- DOUBLE PORTIONMP3– [Arpa Y Voz Productions, 2012 | Review] –

Harpist-composer Edmar Castaneda’s third solo album “DOUBLE PORTION” plays a dual role meshing together poetic, sumptuous and uplifting bouquet of songs with his unique signature. At the same time, he cultivates a provocative sound from the cavity of his soul and develops a stimulating yet progressive framework merges his voicings with a cluster of sensuous, adventurous and angelic impressions and baptize them as one to create a pool of authentic sounds.

Castaneda is joined by world-class pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, mandolin genius Hamilton de Holanda and Miguel Zenón saxophonist extraordinaire lend their perspective talents to this incredible collection of ten mesmerizing songs.

Frankly, it’s been years since I’ve actually sit down and listen to the harp as the lead instrument. In fact, I recall harpist Andreas Vollenweider and Deborah Henson-Conant these are two perplex yet highly revered instrumentalists in their prospective genres. Initially, to my surprise Castaneda covers more territory instrumentally more than I could have imagined. Castaneda brilliantly merges the art of folk, traditional harp and modern jazz with his unique twist of progressive sounds woven into each composition.

The Columbia native opens with rhythmic and complex patterns embodied in the title “DOUBLE PORTION.” Edmar shares solo duties with pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba on this riveting eight-plus minute excursion. “Zendi” follows in the spirit of traditional harp solo that shimmers with intensity while enveloping the wondrous nuances usually revealed in this genre.

Mandolin ace Hamilton de Holanda and saxophonist Miguel Zenón joins in on “A Harp in New York.” The trio’s amazing velocity entwines with the voices of prescient impromptu interplay to assemble the fragments of the heart, soul and beauty of this wistful piece.

This epic journey symbolizes the art, emotion and beauty occupied in the womb of a song. Edmar alternates between sobering solos with urgency and the impelling interplay by this infallible trio is simply liberating. Case in point, sitting at the helm of greatness is “Poem of Strings” this wondrous beauty is artistically stunning.

As I hear it, artist of Edmar Castaneda’s caliber redefines depth, skill and emotion. His compositions are supported by an abundance of grace, creativity and enthusiasm making this combination difficult to surpass. Its unanticipated mysteries soared to confront any doubt or premonition I may have prior to meeting this unwavering musical journey by harpist Edmar Castaneda applicably titled “Double Portion.” –Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review