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Ravi Coltrane

Saxophonist and composer Ravi Coltrane will release his debut album for Blue Note Records, entitled Spirit Fiction, on June 19. The album features two different band lineups including Coltrane’s long-term quartet with pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Drew Gress and drummer E.J. Strickland as well as a quintet featuring trumpeter Ralph Alessi, pianist Geri Allen, bassist James Genus and drummer Eric Harland.

Coltrane’s label mate and fellow saxophonist Joe Lovano served as co-producer of the album along with Coltrane. “I’ve always produced my own recordings except for the first one, Moving Pictures, which was produced by Steve Coleman,” says Coltrane. “Joe was a truly supportive producer on this project. He has been an important figure in my life for over 20 years.” Lovano also plays alongside Coltrane and Allen on a rendition of Paul Motian’s “Fantasm” as well as a version of Ornette Coleman’s “Check Out Time.” Spirit Fiction also includes six original compositions by Coltrane and three by Alessi. See below for the full track listing.

Spirit Fiction | Track listing:

1. Roads Cross (Ravi Coltrane)
2. Klepto (Ralph Alessi)
3. Sprit Fiction (Ravi Coltrane)
4. the change, my girl (Ravi Coltrane)
5. Who Wants Ice Cream (Ralph Alessi)
6. Spring & Hudson (Ravi Coltrane)
7. Cross Roads (Ravi Coltrane)
8. Yellow Cat (Ralph Alessi)
9. Check Out Time (Ornette Coleman)
10. Fantasm (Paul Motian)
11. Marilyn & Tammy (Ravi Coltrane)

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