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Manner Effect is a collection of new voices on the jazz scene in New York. Together they’re creating new music that is inspiring, pleasant and promising. The writing is excellent and so are the musicians. An outstanding band, they bring new sparkles to the music while keeping an ear for the tradition.” — Vincent Herring (internationally renowned saxophonist)

Manner Effect, ABUNDANCE

Manner Effect -][- ABUNDANCEMP3– [Manner Effect, 2012] –

Manner Effect is a New York City based band that formed in 2009. Combining several musical bags and diverse upbringings, they united around a shared musical vision: to perform music they are passionate about and they know people can feel. “We decided as a band that we wanted to make our music aesthetically pleasing,” says pianist Logan Thomas. “It’s not so much about the solos but about the song itself.”

In the pursuit of clarity, each song undergoes a dramatic editing and sculpting process. Since the band’s formation, a weekly residency at a Times Square venue, a two-week tour throughout the Midwest, and a run through New England has helped them hone their style.

Manner Effect’s artistic vision is realized in their original blend of a wide variety of styles including jazz, r&b and pop. The result is documented in their debut album and DVD, Abundance, to be released in the Spring of 2012.

Manner Effect is: Sarah Elizabeth Charles (voice), Caleb Curtis (saxophones), Logan Evan Thomas (piano), PJ Roberts (bass) and Josh Davis (drums).

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