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Gunnar Mossblad, CROSSCURRENTS

Gunnar Mossblad -][- CROSSCURRENTSMP3– [Summit Records, 2012] –

CrossCurrents, is a unique jazz group born of the jazz faculty ensemble at The University of Toledo. Gunnar Mossblad formed the group in the fall of 2002 when he came to UT to be apart of building a comprehensive jazz program with the jazz master Jon Hendricks. Over the next few years, the jazz program flourished and so did the faculty jazz group. In addition to backing up Jon Hendricks on occasion, the faculty group got to know one another musically through a regular gig at Murphy’s Place; a now defunct jazz club in the heart of downtown Toledo. There, the group grew musically, and with the desire to explore original music, a weekly rehearsal schedule was established. In the years following, the group became a close-knit group of like-minded jazz musicians playing all original music, with a unique musical personality.

Dave Liebman’s musical director, the vibrant composing, multi-talented tenor saxophonist, Gunnar Mossblad, brings an uncanny, unpredictably explosive session of new music from an incredibly talented cast of musicians that have been playing together for ten years…hard-edged quality jazz!! -[Summit Records]-

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