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McCoy Tyner -][- LAND OF GIANTSMP3– [Telarc, 2012] –

There is something about the combination of Bobby Hutchinson’s vibes and McCoy Tyner’s piano that gives this music a sound that is unique in jaz. These two musicians have a way of blending their lines so perfectly that it is as if the music is playing them instead of the other way around. The bass playing of Charnett Moffet is equal to the task of keeping up with these two musical geniuses. The first cut Serro De Mar is stunningly beautiful and the latin tinged Manalyuca is driven by a haunting bassline supplied by Moffet.

Although these two tunes are highlights the rest of the cd is all good. McCoy Tymer’s piano playing is fuller harmonically than many others I’ve listened to and his chord voicing is complex yet accessable. Land Of the Giants provides an opportunity to hear these fine musicians in their prime creative years and it is not to be missed. A really fine CD. —R. J. Marsella | Customer Review | Amazon

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