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Eddie Gomez, PER SEMPRE

Eddie Gomez -][- Per SempreMP3– [BFM Jazz, 2012 | Review] –

I’ll have to admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve pampered my listening space with any solo projects by the renowned bassist Eddie Gomez. Nonetheless, the time has come. Gomez is here with an inexhaustible new recording titled “Per Sempre” that’s ready, auspicious, and refined by nurturing sounds waiting for jazz aficionados to submerge themselves into with repeated listens.

At an early bassist extraordinaire Eddie Gomez moved from Santurce, Puerto Rico eventually land in the metropolis of New York City. The irony of this journey he unknowingly stake claim to this marvelous gift in music in one of the most diverse cultures and musical landscapes on the planet.

While studying at Juilliard School of Music Gomez in time entangled himself in the kindred spirit of luminaries like Chick Corea, Hubert Laws, James Levine, and Itzak Perlman to name a few. Now that we have a brief snapshot of his beginnings, let’s take and even deeper view of his career before we roll with his splendid new offering “Per Sempre.”

Gomez a true renaissance man and sought after educator is currently the Artistic Director of Music of Puerto Rico where resides as professor and artist-in-residences since 2005. On this outing, Gomez tastefully unfolds a generous dish of relaxed, inviting and stimulating jazz. With “Per Sempre,” Gomez adds color, flavor and uncompromising accents to this wonderful musical statement to complete his mission he enlisted the talents of Marco Pignatro, Matt Marvuglio, Teo Ciavarella and Massino Manzi.

One glance at his résumé you’ll quickly discover Gomez deeply rooted in the fabric of jazz opens by playing the cello, his touch is warm and penetrating yet his delightful timbre emerges on the appetizing “Arianna” it resonates with unavoidable and adoring romantic symmetry. Meanwhile, “Bologna d’ Inverno” follows suite sonically, it weaves comfortably by encompassing the artist’s genuine gift and profound dexterity to play quality music is truly inviting.

“Per Sempre” at this point sways faithfully with ambient, composed and alluring tonality speak softly and surrounds the sentimental voicings of Gomez’ audible soundscape on “Why Cry?” At the moment, this arrangement accrues a wealth of varied melodies driven by the ensembles rousing tempo is no longer illusive but is awaken by their hypnotizing interplay.
At the fourth position, “Forever” appears suddenly and channels through a maze of unparalleled musings borrowed from the previous selections with perfection. Meanwhile, “Pops & Alma” compositionally moves diagonally in pitch embellishes the overall warmth, mood and texture to sustain the pulse of this unequalled recording by Gomez.

The ensembles voice climbs intently with an excellent rendition of the classic “Stella by Starlight,” with no-nonsense, tight and unmatched chemistry is certainly an indomitable moment to cling onto. The despondent expressions ingrained in “Homesick” groans with analogous peaks and valleys yet it reveals a sense to resolve relationships with love ones, forgiveness, and rekindle affiliations with old friends.

“Epilogue” closes this extensive collection of memorable works by Gomez with this bronzed beauty of ambient shield by tones shaped from the heart, mind and soul of his distinctive voice as soloist on the acoustic bass. “Pre Sempre” is probably one of the most calming and musically seductive experiences I’ve bathe my mind and soul in for some time now. Is that necessarily a bad thing, surely not but it does however take time to encompass the unstrained melodies yet abrupt decisive voicings unfold with unobtrusive passages uniquely outlined in the eloquent body of music which entails the leaner and pronounced voicings of jazz by the incomparable Eddie Gomez is undoubtedly worth seeking.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet The Quintet:
Eddie Gomez – acoustic bass and cello
Marco Pignatro – saxophone
Matt Marvuglio – flute
Teo Ciavarella – piano
Massino Manzi – drums

Produced by Eddie Gomez

At your leisure, visit bassist Eddie Gomez online at eddiegomez.com for more details.