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Bill Carrothers, FAMILY LIFE

Bill Carrothers -][- FAMILY LIFEMP3– [Pirouet Records, 2012] –

He speaks to us pensively, with a dreamy intimacy. Pianist Bill Carrothers begins his new CD with beautiful, heartfelt tones—and this feeling is sustained throughout the fifteen pieces. His music is exciting and wide-ranging, replete with sounds that exude a private tenderness. It is music of unusual lyrical beauty—poignant piano pieces that act as musical embraces. It’s as if it is a collection of favorite melodies that have been collected for some special reason. Carrothers plays the pieces on this CD in solo—as statements of a great inner peace. This accomplished, critically-acclaimed American pianist never indulges in pyrotechnics; instead, there are introverted melodies and voicings filled with a quiet strength. And the title is programmatic: Family Life; hidden behind this is an homage—as will be explained in the next pages.

Born in Minneapolis in 1964, Bill Carrothers is known as a pianist that does everything a little differently. He is a musician with a special sort of humor and an unusual musical aura. These are things one notices in his earlier recordings
on Pirouet—all of which were enthusiastically received by the media. His last Pirouet album, the live double-CD recorded in New York’s legendary jazz club, the Village Vanguard, received four and five-star ratings from the various media in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA. “Stereoplay” magazine attested that the trio had met the challenge of playing in the legendary club with “flying colors”. One critic called Carrothers “the jazz pianist of the moment”.

“Jazzpodium” magazine found that, “Carrother’s pianism areas in the USA, so we have lots of space and time, and our life here is very manual. We heat our house and all our hot water with wood, we grow a lot of our own food, do our own home repair, etc.” Despite having some modern conveniences, he and his family “live a modified 19th century life.” The music on this CD is essentially about Carrother’s love for his family and their life together. But the pieces are concerned with the feelings that come with being a husband and father, and “raising children in this idyllic, isolated, gorgeous, and sometimes bleak landscape. -[Biography]-

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