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fo/mo/deep -][- A BEAUTIFUL BANG – [Rhmedia LLC – fo/mo/deep, 2012 | Review] –

If haven’t heard, the word is out Columbus, OH native bassist and composer Ron “FatKat” Holmes the regional ambassador of eclectic grooves, soul and funk jazz is back to serve up another tasty dish in the sphere of eclecticism titled “A Beautiful Bang.” With great anticipation, I’m sure fans of fo/ mo/deep the regions heavy weight champ of jazz and funk have waited patiently and now they’re ready to celebrate the group’s upcoming sophomore release!

“A Beautiful Bang” embodies an assorted boutique of thirteen jams for the discerning ears of contemporary, urban, soul and smooth jazz lovers to taste, stir and savor with each spin. Out of the box, the groove begins with a tune pen by the dynamic duo Holmes and Newton on the uniquely titled “Jawjacka’.” This chart poppin’ groove opens with funky bass licks supplied by the versatile Ron Holmes, accompanied by the ensemble they pound away relentlessly too reinforce the upbeat rhythms accentuate their accessible and distinct sound.

Arguably funk wannabees have masqueraded around the funk jazz idiom for years impersonating, mirroring, and emulating this compulsive sound. However, fo/mo/deep meets and surpasses the criteria with their original and consistent voice. Once again, this fearless quintet delivers the goods with the impeccable “Martini Blues,” this piece is co-authored by the band compliments their collective voice and style displays their versatility.

Saxophonist and flutist Keith Newton doesn’t hesitate, his powerful and inviting tonality burns fiercely and soulfully on “Montara.” The veteran Newton leaves just enough wiggle room for the rest of guys to inject their peerless stamina into this piece. The groovy “Mama Said’ Mama Said’ chants with unwavering funk, attitude and soul manifests with a sonically tight and rhythmic pulse this is another duo-collaboration pen by Holmes and Newton.

These guys no doubt came to play and effortlessly keep the music undeniably fresh. Their musicality is emphasized flawlessly on the infectious “Da Ba Di Do (Sonrisa de Zoe)” which entails the voicings of African and Caribbean rhythms. Diversity is the key component here. Their skills are demonstrated on the festive title track “A Beautiful Bang,” this gem compliments the previous piece harmonically and rhythmically.

The surprise entry in this collective is Freddie Hubbard’s “Red Clay,” Holmes and company groove swelters in the body of this jam, they brilliantly interconnect reggae beats to their unapologetic jazz nuances exceeded my expectation. The dimensions of soul and jazz join forces to unmask their continual groove on “The Wanting” pen by Holmes.

Quirky yet funky beats methodically rumble through the pulse of “Gentleman,” this joint reminds me of a seventies Blaxploitation movie soundtrack. Pen by Fela Kuti this groove is absolutely hip, and fresh. It’s accented with lyrically hypnotizing pitch with shades of Gil-Scott Heron and rap agents The Last Poets are underlined by poetic expressions are revealed with a welcome timbre through the conduit of spoken word absolutely made my day.

The next selection, “My Baby Gots the Blues, Blues” was written by Holmes. It transcends smoothly into Trane’s “Naima” where Newton and keyboardist Kevin Jones are featured duo breathe fresh life into this classic.

Closings this engaging template are two distinctive compositions, the spicy Latin rhythms of “A Plethora of Pleasant Thoughts” appears and reveals the enchanting hymns exalted on “The Road” both pen by Ron Holmes coexist brilliantly to incorporate diverse and uncommon signatures on this recording.

Depends on your favorite genre you may not familiar with fo/mo/deep. Nonetheless, their new album “A Beautiful Bang” has made a believer out me and gained a new fan. With this offering the ensemble strategically widen their landscape and called music enthusiast to the round table to engage themselves in a unique blend of eclectic grooves, jazz, funk, and soul cultivated by seasoned players that simply love to play, write and record relevant music with enthusiasm.

Recommend: by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the band:
Ron “FatKat” Holmes Jr. – bass
Kenneth “ Pounce ” Pouncey – percussion
Andre Scott – drums
Kevin Jones – keyboards
Keith Newton – sax and flute

Track Listing:
1) Jawjacka’
2) Martini Blues
3) Montara
4) Mama Said’ Mama Said’
5) Da Ba Di Do (Sonrisa de Zoe)
6) A Beautiful Bang
7) Red Clay
8) The Wanting
9) Gentleman
10) My Baby Gots the Blues, Blues
11) Naima
12) A Plethora of Pleasant Thoughts
13) The Road

Produced by Ron “FatKat” Holmes composer and bassist.

At your leisure, check out f0/mo/deep online at fomodeep.com | facebook.com | twitter.com