Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze, Amanké Dionti

The music that German-born and New York City-based trumpeter Volker Goetze and Senegalese vocalist and kora player Ablaye Cissoko create transcends both geographic and musical boundaries. On their Motéma Music debut, Amanké Dionti, Goetze and Cissoko set out on a spiritual sonic journey, one that ranges from the desert and coast of West Africa to the urban landscapes of New York and Paris, and which addresses themes of our ancient spiritual roots, and our hurried, dehumanized modern strife. In the tradition of the griot, Cissoko attempts to mend our souls with music, and with Goetze as his partner and champion, he succeeds, as this recording is truly soul soothing.

Also included on the CD is an excerpt from Griot, the documentary film by Goetze, starring Cissoko and shot in Senegal. Initially Goetze had not known much about griots. What he learned and discovered, he wanted to share with a larger audience. Eventually, Goetze came to collaborate with Academy Award-nominated documentarian Sam Pollard (who has worked with Spike Lee) on the film, which had its first pre-screening at WOMEX in 2011 and is screening at NYC’s Cantor Film Center on May 4th. Their acclaimed first CD SIRA is also now available digitally.

A sonic euphoria that borders at times on a musical meditative state where the notes, the harmony and the listener all become one.” –Critical Jazz

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