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Joel Miller, SWIM

Joel Miller -][- SWIMMP3– [Origin Records, 2012] –

“…the best album of Québécois jazz launched in 2012.” – Alain Brunet, La Presse

A driving force in the international jazz scene, Montreal-based saxophonist Joel Miller’s newest recording, and first on Origin, proves he’s not just a musician for those in-the-know any longer. Teaming with the mighty pianist Geoffrey Keezer, drummer Greg Ritchie, and Fraser Hollins on bass, the quartet delivers a set of tight-knit originals. A complete, accessible, yet thoroughly modern jazz statement from a band of artists at the top of their game.

His solos are supremely melodic – think of Stan Getz, or of John Coltrane at his most wistful.” – Toronto Globe and Mail.

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