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OMER AVITAL & His Band of The East

Composer and Bassist Omer Avital

In continued celebration of his new recording on Anzic Records, Suite of the East, bassist & composer Omer Avital announces his new band and a residency at Smalls Jazz Club in NYC, June 12, 19 and July 3, 10:

June 12 – Featuring Greg Tardy – Tenor Saxophone, Itamar Borochov – Trumpet, Nadav Remez – Guitar, Omer Avital – Bass, Daniel Freedman – Drums

June 19 – Featuring Greg Tardy – Tenor Saxophone, Itamar Borochov – Trumpet, Nadav Remez – Guitar, Omer Avital – Bass, Jonathan Blake – Drums

July 3, 10: Band TBA

knocking fresh slang out of the bass . . . some of the most original music being heard in New York” – The New York Times

” . . . Avital is one of the most exciting musicians to come onto the jazz scene in the last 20 years. His live shows are pure joy…hard-driving jazz with a new soul for a new era.” – Downbeat Magazine

Arguably the most talented bass player on the scene and at or near the top of modern day jazz composers. . . . about as thrilling as its gets.” – eMusic.com

“Over the last few years he has become a leading force in a hybrid that synthesizes American jazz, Israeli, Yemeni, Moroccan, and other Arab styles into something genuinely new and vital for its connection to a shared Middle Eastern past.“- Tablet Magazine

Omer Avital, Suite of The East

Maestro Omer Avital defines the words creative and prolific, with more than seven recordings of original music released over the past six years (and at least eight more as a co-leader). Avital is a key component of the Israel-New York City jazz/world music connection, as a leader, and as a member of the NYC-Israeli super group, Third World Love, an influential purveyor of this multi-cultural sound (the band’s latest CD, Songs and Portraits, is currently available on Anzic Records). Avital can also be found performing frequently in New York and around the globe with The Omer Avital Group, The Omer Avital Quintet, as one third of the Yes! Trio (with pianist Aaron Goldberg and drummer Ali Jackson), and as an integral member of the Anat Cohen Quartet. If possible, however, Avital might be even more ubiquitous in his native Israel, where he is the co-founder and musical director of the highly unique and successful group, Yemen Blues, as well as the New Jerusalem Orchestra. He also finds the time to be involved in Israel’s “piyut” scene, often collaborating with some of the legends of this genre, including Haim Louke, Aharom Amram, and others.

Aspiring to bring these seemingly disparate musical worlds together into a soulful Eastern sound, Avital is excited to announce the formation of a new band, a new sound, and concept, Omer Avital & His Band of the East. This ambitious new project is essentially the culmination of Avital’s many years and experiences as a jazz artist heavily immersed in the playing and composing of Middle Eastern, North African and Jewish music. It will also prove to be an electrifying, and logical, creative step after the release of his latest recording, the already critically-acclaimed, Suite of The East (released in April 2012 on Anzic Records).

Omer Avital & His Band of The East will be engaged in a residency at Smalls Jazz Club in NYC this June 12, 19 and July 3, 10, before heading into the studio to record the group’s first CD.

Omer Avital & His Band of The East will feature:
Omer Avital (bass, oud and vocals), Itamar Borochov (trumpet, vocals), Nadav Remez (guitar, saz), Matan Chapnizka (tenor and soprano saxophones), Yehonadav Helevy (drums), Omer Klein (piano), Yochay Cohen (percussion, vocals)

For more information about composer/bassist Omer Avital visit, www.AnzicRecords.com and www.OmerAvital.com

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