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Nicky Schrire -][- FREEDOM FLIGHT – [Circavision Productions, 2012 | Review] –

As music enthusiasts and jazz lovers are you ready to delve into the one of the most anticipated releases of the year featuring the compelling and prolific artistry of songwriter, arranger and producer Nicky Schrire? Born in London and reared in South Africa, with her abiding hunger to create music Nicky found her way to the entertainment mecca of the world New York. She’s armed with a spirited, soulful and rousing debut appropriately “Freedom Flight.” Perhaps much like you, I had no earthly idea who Nicky Schrire was until this meeting this project. Of course now, I’m thrilled to become acquainted with the unrivaled music, style and versatility of this prolific new artist named Nicky Schrire.

A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Schrire distinguishes herself from the pack with her unique vocal approach and graceful yet complex composition style and arrangements. With eleven songs on deck, Nicky quickly asserts her position as a songwriter and arranger on the opening piece with a Bobby McFerrin inspired wordless vocal on “Freedom Flight,” she distinctly connects the Beatles classic “Blackbird” which sparkles with unmatched reverie displayed by this artist and ensemble.

Although, I was a little apprehensive at first Nicky illusive vocalizing takes you a step further with “Journey.” It jiggles and sways with unshakeable symmetry led by her incomparable ensemble. She enlists the talented: Nick Paul – piano, Sam Anning – bass, Jake Goldbas – drums & percussion, Paul Jones tenor saxophone (5, 11), Jay Rattan on clarinet (6, 9), Brian Adler – percussion (7) and Peter Eldridge plays piano on (4) and sings (10) to bring life to her amazing template of songs.

“Cosmic Love” to say the least is lyrically impressive. Originally written by Welch and I. Summers this is the perfect song to capture the delightful vocalese by Nicky. The simplicity of her voice is intriguing and glows radiantly with finesse. Adjacent to her vocals are the recurring hand claps at the interlude are colorfully draped with a hue of eccentric accents later employs a symphony of unique melodies garnish this lovely piece flawlessly.

Influences are a distinctive mark to writing and arranging for twenty something Nicky Schrire, she pays homage to her influences with an original piece titled “Ode To A Folk Song.” Her voice looms with sudden and transcending octaves, within moments the ensemble interweaves to feature saxophonist Paul Jones on tenor he blows breathlessly with intricate phrases and dynamic undertones to expel the idea that jazz, folklore and improvisation can’t unify as one voice is absolutely breathtaking.

The sublime textures of “Sleep Away” are shadows of an interlude that contains warm and assuring sentiments of a lullaby. “The Swimming Song” is sing-a-long song with a common thread of Irish voicings extracted from the womb of its motherland was written by L. Wainwright and arranged by Nicky Schrire.

Diversity is significant to the overall concept of this recording, co-writer(s) A. Luz and C. Coqueijo Costa pen the Latin inspired “E’ Preciso Perdoar” provides Nicky another opportunity to add her distinct twist, natural aura and delicate touch to this mesmerizing palette. The curiously titled “Me, The Mango Picker” compose by C. Mombelli buoyant textures employ Nicky’s curve shape voicing brilliantly.

As the wheels turn, this project continues to surprise and surges vertically with fascinating details. Case in point, Nicky’s interpretation of James Taylor’s timeless classic “Shower the People” incorporates her definitive voice that’s powerful and irresistibly fresh arrangement features Peter Eldridge vocally deserves another spin.

The presence of jazz is contextually formed and abides sonically in the body of this wonderful offering by Nicky Schrire. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” originally pen by the legendary Bob Dylan is a masterpiece that consistently bursts with inviting, fresh and adventurous nuances from the soul of Nicky Schrire. At the beginning and end of the day, “Freedom Flight” will take you to new, stimulating and unexpected places while attached to the surreal elements of modern and traditional jazz with vivid arrangements has more than enough substance to sustain this relationship musically.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Nicky Schrire – vocals
Nick Paul – piano
Sam Anning – bass
Jake Goldbas – drums, percussion
Paul Jones – tenor saxophone (5, 11)
Jay Rattan – clarinet (6, 9)
Brian Adler – percussion (7)
Peter Eldridge – piano (4) and vocals (10)

Track Listing:
1) Freedom Flight | Blackbird
2) Journey
3) Cosmic Love
4) If Ever I Would Leave You
5) Ode To A Folk Song
6) Sleep Away
7) The Swimming Song
8) E’ Precisco Perdoar
9) Me, The Mango Picker
10) Shower The People
11) Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Produced by Nicky Schrire [All arrangements by Nicky Schrire]

Seliyana“, SAJE Concert, March 2012

For more information, please visit vocalist, composer and arranger Nicky Schrire @ www.nickyschrire.com/live