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Eric Erhardt, A BETTER FATE

Eric Erhardt -][- A BETTER FATEMp3– [Tapestry Records, 2012 | Review] –

The multi-faceted Eric Erhardt arrives with a harmonious palette of eight flavorful and astute originals pushes the envelope of his voicing’s on what is described as “acoustic fusion” on his debut album “A Better Fate.”

Based in the Mile High City (Denver), Eric was mentored by the legendary sax giant Dave Liebman. Erhardt a veteran in his own right is a notable band leader who wrote and arranged all compositions on this recording. This elegant tapestry consists of a blanket stitched and colored with the fibers of Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, rock and 20th century classic.

“Liddle Rittle” begins this expansive journey with a multitude of percussive beats anchored to a chorus of captivating horns and complex rhythms rumble powerfully through the lively voice of this exceptional ensemble.

As music enthusiast we tend to look for balance, it seems we’re often satisfied with a scoop of fresh, complex and mind-altering melodies. With “Ambivalence” Erhardt gives us a distinct yet colorful measure of what we expect. While maintaining a firm grip, the ensemble cranks it up a notch with the splendid fervor of “A Better Fate.”

The intriguing pulse of “Powwow Now” is totally addictive. Rhythmically and structurally Erhardt’s penmanship stretches the imagination beyond the limits with another texturally impulsive masterpiece. As the music builds, the ensembles determined interplay augments and permeates irresistibly with a flurry of exuberant rhythms and brisk textures define this admirable arrangement without missing a beat.

Midway, “Ten Years” appears to explode with glowing and passionate orchestrations. Their euphonious dexterity transcends to burst into foray of entrancing artistry and interplay by this amazingly snug ensemble deserves wider recognition.

At the sixth, the charming resonance of “Dance Afar” is yet another poignant composition born from the spirit of Erhardt’s opus of ambitious lyricism unveiled. I’m fascinated by the agility of this affluent and charismatic ensemble. They flawlessly adapt to each piece with immeasurable fortitude as musicians.

The Philly native pen “Not Like Before,” Erhardt admirably speaks the language of jazz with varied intricate phrasings sliced with significant cutting edge tones and bending these notes to singularly create a memorable and definitive atmosphere for listeners to adsorb.

Even though “A Better Fate” is not a large canvas of songs, Erhardt fiercely scored a unique framework of music rooted in the thread of traditional jazz. In return, with over two-decades of experience Erhardt ingeniously re-voiced these prerequisites to create an all-encompassing body of modern jazz to give us the vivacious “Tyler Park” which is among many prominent songs on this album winds down this incredible collection of jazz deployed by the gifted, talented and extraordinary voice of Eric Erhardt.

Recommend by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Eric Erhardt – tenor saxophones, clarinet and flute
Russ Johnson – trumpet and flugelhorn
Sebastian Noelle – guitar
Mike Davis – drums
Linda Oh – acoustic bass
Nick Paul – piano
James Shipp – percussion
Dan Willis – soprano sax and oboe (tracks 4, 8)

Produced by Eric Erhardt for Tapestry Records | All compositions and arrangements by Eric Erhardt

At your leisure, the multifaceted Eric Erhardt online at ericerhardtmusic.com for more details.