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Shana Tucker, SHINE

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Transcending genre distinctions, SHANA TUCKER is a “ChamberSoul” cellist and singer/songwriter from New York who’s set on blazing a trail for herself down in North Carolina. Her music is a sultry pastiche of acoustic pop and soulful, jazz-influenced contemporary folk. “It’s different, yet comfortably familiar…I love 80’s music and I’m a sucker for jazz. Many of the grooves have a bossa-nova/latin heartbeat, translated through percussive vocal phrasing. I can’t deny the classical training; it inspires my cello sensibilities…but I like the thump of walking blues & old-timey bass lines. It’s like a delicious coffee blend: bold and robust, with subtle undertones of bittersweet…and something you can’t quite place, but it’s still good!” she says with a smile.

Shana’s debut solo project, slated for an early 2011 release, outlines a musical journey that indeed celebrates the major influences of everyday life: relationship, laughter, love…loss, rediscovery, and the never-ending journey towards heightened levels of peace, understanding and self-acceptance and satisfaction. “The most important thing I want to take away from this process is a musical truth,” she explains. “If I effectively do my job as Artist, (genre) cohesion will come from the ties that bind these experiences.”

Raised in Amityville, NY, Shana learned to play piano at an early age from her great-grandmother, who was herself a beginner taking community center lessons. In junior high, she traded violin for cello in order to stay in orchestra. In high school, at the strong suggestion of her orchestra director, Shana began studying privately with cellist Sue Lehr; she also broadened her musical horizons by studying choral singing, performing with regional orchestras, theatre productions, and vocal groups of various sizes and winning several regional and national awards and accolades. -[Excerpt | Biography]-

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