Greeting’s music aficionados, the weekend is just around the corner. On this occasion, I have this intriguing new (current) project by The W.E.S. Group. Underscored by lyrically engaging rhythms these compositions are spiritually influenced nuances shaped with a plethora of beautifully crafted melodies. —Rob Young | Urban Flux Media

The W.E.S. Group, The Story of Humanity (A Human Story)

The W.E.S. Group -][- The Story of Humanity (A Human Story) –Mp3– [The W.E.S. Group, 2011] –

The Story of Humanity project is about our evolution from spirit to humanity and from humanity back to spirit. As the saying goes, “we are not just human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” This album chronicles through music and soundscape, the journey of our spirit from ether to flesh and back to ether again.

We are the sum total of all our experiences and it is this summation that makes us more aware of who we really are. Our spirits descend with the intent of expansion in this physical world. We are in such awe of the beauty of our forest planet and the wonderful gifts of food and animal friends that we dance through our environment with feelings of joy. Through our discovery of fire and the ability to manipulate the earth through chemicals and natural forces, we grew into our identity as co-creators with the infinite spirit and developed power or ashe.

Different tribes gained power in different ways and some conquered others with the intent of world domination. African villages and other villages were plundered for slave labor and resources to build empires. The industrial revolution and inventions such as trains brought us closer together and gave us more resources. Soon we reached a technological threshold that gave us the power to destroy our own planet. When we out-paced our technological knowledge from our spiritual knowledge we lost our way and became unbalanced. The consequences of our actions led us to a re-evaluation of the truth or satya of who we really are and was the dawn of our awakening to spirit again. This gave us insight, or vision, into who were really are. Now “I” (or third eye or spiritual insight) can “see” and our journey back to the infinite spirit is the prodigal son (sun) coming home and is the completion of our saga in this world.

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