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Dafnis Preito Proverbs Trio

Dafnis Prieto -][- PROVERB TRIO – [Dafnis on Music, 2012 | Review] –

In the world of Latin Jazz, music aficionados thoroughly appreciate Dafnis Prieto for his influential cross-cultured beats, virtuoso drumming and enthralling composing skills. With his latest endeavor, the versatile composer scores the breathtaking “PROVERB TRIO.” This impressive gem launches a radically provocative repertoire of music which unmasks a totally anomalous direction for him in 2012.

According to Dafnis, this project is based in improvisation. The multifaceted Proverb Trio is fueled by creativity and embraces the concept of playing quality and unpredictable music. Amazingly this project took only six hours to complete.

Proverbs Trio enlist a relatively new voice on the scene named Kokayi, he creativity exhales relentless his voice with peerless spontaneity infuses a unique blend of freestyle poetry, vocals, scat and rap coupled with Britain’s very own Jason Lindner’s electrifying artistry on keyboards and of course the dynamic Dafnis Prieto on drums.

As the leader, the idealistic Prieto challenges the Trio to expand their imagination in ways they could never imagine on twelve compositions fueled with extraordinary harmonies, structure and irregular rhythms like you’re probably never heard before in this context.

On the riveting opener “Into the Light Love,” erupts with rhythmically intense mobility and explodes with uncanny dexterity featuring freestylist Kokayi’s distinctive vocal approach reminiscent to another vocalist named Vinx. Although, this is not jazz but it simulates the improvised tones and variances shaped by Dafnis as the composer leverage to re-invent himself through his visionary game plan to create a tidal wave of new music without being locked into a particular prefix (genre).

The lyrics are similar throughout, Kokayi joined by the complex interplay featuring Lindner and Prieto together generate a synthesis linked profoundly with improvisation creates a new dimension of sound. I’m enthralled by Kokayi’s agility to verbalize with percussive and rhythmic vibrations aggressively and enunciate his voicings with a flood of unorthodox shades texturize on “The Magic Danzonete” is absolutely ingenious.

Ironically, there are only two instruments on the album “Extasis and Mystery Man.” Both pieces are spaced several songs apart, the tempo on “Extasis” descends slowly with illusive and complex images module off-metered sequences compared to the other songs. The audibly transparent soundscape on the entrancing fibers of “Mystery Man” showcases darken multilayered ambience performed by Lindner and Prieto.

The Trio slays what I call this inescapable trilogy “In War, Vamos a Jugar and Talks to Much,” they rock fearlessly by connecting with their ambitious polyrhythmic tones and venomous harmonization(s) to perfection is a musicians dream fulfilled.

Dafnis’ original compositions engulf a lucid rainbow of tantalizing sounds washed in intense colors to encompass a range of proficient voicings that he processes without constraint. “Mother Nature” the closing and most explosive piece could easily be viewed as their anthem, justifiably so this gem the innovative spirit unravels their independently cohesive voicings with sudden freshness released. The Trio’s dazzling sound is upbeat, and extemporaneous interplay throughout is truly phenomenal.

At a glance, when I was asked to check out “Proverb Trio” I didn’t hesitate because I was familiar with Dafnis Prieto’s music. Once I begin to listen, I was dumbfounded, even blown away by the prospect of what this project actually entails musically. You see, I was expecting to hear jazz intersect with Prieto’s mind-blowing drumming and stalwart compositions not what brilliantly evolved from the groundbreaking “Proverb Trio.” Prieto is assuredly a brave soul for artistically tearing down the barriers some of us ordinarily dwell in musically. By doing so, he opens the door for a new audience of listeners to broaden their laconic soundscape and enjoy this progressively toxic and mind-bending adventure by Dafnis Prieto Proverbs Trio is definitely worth exploring.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Kokayi – vocals
Jason Lindner– keyboards
Dafnis Prieto – drums

Track Listing:
1) Into The Light Love
2) You and Me
3) The Magic Danzonete
4) Extasis – [Instrumental]
5) You Got It
6) In War
7) Vamos a Jugar
8) Talking to Much
9) What Have We All Done
10) Dirty Us
11) Mystery Man – [Instrumental]
12) Mother Nature

Produced by Roberto Occhipinti – and – Dafnis Prieto for Dafnis on Music

For more information about the Proverb Trio, please visit, dafnisonmusic.com/live