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Amina Figarova, TWELVE

Amina Figarova -][- TWELVE – [In and Out Records, 2012 | Review] –

With the emergence of so many new artists on the scene it’s likely on any given day to overlook some of these notable treasures. Thankfully internationally distinguished pianist, composer and arranger Amina Figarova’s latest album on the renowned German based label In + Out Records “Twelve” wasn’t one that slipped through the cracks and caught my attention right away.

Born and raised in Baku Azerbaijan, Netherlands Amina is here with a wonderful yet intriguing “Twelve” an impressive project that symbolizes two very important factors, one the number of songs and secondly this outing gives her reason to celebrate her twelfth recording.

Every artist seeks balance with their inimitable voice, Amina aptly carried out her vision brilliantly with “Twelve.” The ensemble opens with the vivacious “NYCST,” this piece propels with unexpected heighten momentum which enables them to stretch the cadence of their voice with distinct and admirable harmonics.

The lush “Another Side of The Ocean” calls out the impeccable side of her compositional style. Amina’s generous repertoire fills the void by challenging you with atoned and genuinely attractive arrangement. “Sneaky Seagulls” is a launching pad that explodes with an outbreak of tightly-knit interplay exhibited by the ensemble.

Her compositional signature varies with evolving and contrasting ideas. The subtle tendencies of “Shut Eyes, Sea Waves…” awakens to bring a refreshing awareness by her meeting and exceeding expectations on this all-original soundscape. Built in this volume of music is a theme unraveled in theory projects a sense of urgency to explore an ambience of poetic tones and unforced rhythms are expressed on the mid-tempo thrives with excellence with “On The Go.”

More prolific images are masterfully extracted from the complex yet woven textures and intricacies quilted on the sublime and thought-provoking “Isabelle.” As a bandleader and composer the Amina Figarova has a handle on the varied tempos magnified through the lens of complicated progressions and unparalleled dynamics with unmatched sensitivity are outlined to perfection on the upbeat “Make it Happen.”

Amina eagerly chronicles this wondrous soundscape by sustaining this imaginative mixture of stimulating and gorgeous songs victoriously with the generously rich hue and coherent vibrancy exposed on “Twelve.” Amina finds security in her passion for composing and performing jazz is simply unending, she assures listeners with crisp tenor and zesty nuances of “New Birth” fits well within the cavity of straight ahead jazz.
The acute lines and colors are enmeshed similarity by the sextet on “Morning Pace.” Melodically the compelling incandescent tenors intertwined without a glitch on this gorgeous canvas composed by Figarova.

On the buoyant “Leila” Amina’s tone resonates with sharp, resolute and exquisite musicality. Her timeless journey is unmasked by her transient harmonization’s unleashed gives way for the ensemble to yield only to the unpredictable chord changes. The hushed yet alluring tonality of “Maria’s Request” closes this superb session scored by the gifted Amina Figarova.

Altogether, I’m pleased with the creativity, consistency and outstanding arrangements on “Twelve” by Amina Figarova. While focused on reoccurring themes throughout you can’t help but recognize the fluency of her classically trained ear couched in the rapture of jazz influences this talented maven’s approach to composition and persistent play will undeniably beckon you for frequent spins.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Amina Figarova – piano
Brad Platteau– flute, Bb flute d’amor, bassflute,
Ernie Hammes – trumpet, flugelhorn
Marc Mommaas – tenor & soprano
Jeroen Vierdag – bass
Chris “Buckshot’ Strik – drums

Track Listing:
2) Another Side of The Ocean
3) Sneaky Seagulls
4) Shut Eyes, Sea Waves…
5) On The Go
6) Isabelle
7) Make It Happen
8) Twelve
9) New Birth
10) Morning Pace
11) Leila
12) Maria’s Request

Produced by Amina Figarova – [All compositions by Amina Figarova]

For more information about the Amina Figarova, please visit, aminafigarova.com | inandoutrecords.com