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Roberto Fonseca, YO

Roberto Fonseca -][- YO – [Jazz Village, 2012] –

Roberto Fonseca accompanies his music with his whole body, even standing up in order to hammer his piano as if it were a percussion instrument. It may happen that he grabs a snare drum and thus transforms his group into a « comparsa » – a percussion ensemble, which parades down the streets during the carnival, the Cuban equivalent of the Brasilian « batucada » – compelling the following public in euphoric dance…

YO, his new album, prolongs this feast and reveals it in a way you have never before experienced. Recognized as a major influence of modern Cuban jazz, and jazz in general, he proves that his horizon is not limited by the subtleties of the blue note, neither of the azure of the Caribbean. That he has chosen to name it after his own first name « yo », « I » or « me» in Spanish, and to pose shirtless on his album cover, his hands open to the sky, is not unimportant. His photo in the nude, without hat, nor jewellery, evokes a rebirth. This record unveils the beginning of a new phase more than the closure of an old one, Fonseca explains. It expresses my view of my roots in light of my experience and exposes the diversity of my musical universe, all these ideas, which I put aside in a part of my head without having the opportunity to use them. If the new compositions revisit themes such as love and spirituality, which already nourished his work, this time Fonseca draws from a rich musical palette full of contrasts. In place of his usual jazz quintet, with YO he develops a concept of a union between electro analogue and African instruments, Hammond organs and et n’goni lutes, congas and tamani drums, all together combined in a synthesis of Afro- Cuban groove and Griot tradition.

To those people who are still wondering who is Roberto Fonseca and to all those who thought they knew him, the Cuban musician replies: YO. The Cuban pianist’s new album is at the crossroads of jazz, traditional music and electronica, exploring new sounds and dimensions, while paying tribute to Cuba’s African roots. -[Presentation | Jazz Village]-

Track Listing:
1 80´s (R. Fonseca) 06:24
2 Bibisa (B. Sissoko) 04:32
3 Mi Negra Ave María (R. Fonseca & M. Cortés) 05:20
4 7 Rayos (R. Fonseca) 05:29
5 El Soñador Está Cansado (R. Fonseca) 05:04
6 Chabani (R. Fonseca) 05:11
7 Gnawa Stop (J. Hierrezuelo) 05:16
8 El Mayor (L.J. Valdés) 01:21
9 JMF (R. Fonseca & M. Cortés) 04:48
10 Así Es La Vida (R. Fonseca & M. Cortés) 04:30
11 Quien Soy Yo (R. Fonseca & A. Mboup) 03:41
12 Rachel (R. Rodriguez) 03:36
13 Bibisa – Re-mix (B. Sissoko) 04:07
14 80´s – Re-mix (R. Fonseca) 03:56

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