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Sandra Nkaké -][- NOTHING FOR GRANTEDMp3– [Jazz Village Music, 2012] –

Sandra Nkaké is a singer-songwriter-composer who has grown up between Yaoundé (Cameroun) and Paris. She was bounced back and forth on a regular basis between two different cultures and climates, and was confronted with mostly opposing social codes. Cinema, literature and music became her primary sources of refuge.

As an adolescent, her roommates were the albums “Sisters of Mercy” by Leonard Cohen and “Blue Valentine” by Tom Waits, the movie “Taxi Driver”, the universe of Sergio Leone, the movies by John Houston, the shadows and the lights of the works of Auguste Renoir, the colors of Matisse, the books “The Hotel New Hampshire” and “Boule de Suif”, but also the stories of Boris Vian and Chester Himes.

These stories offered her guidance in a daily life where adults were both violent and distant, to the point where she created her own universe, inhabited by an old lady adorned by a white hat, Pompidou, a young lunatic and the doughnut merchant of the northern neighborhood of Nkongkak. These characters evolved in secret short stories she made up and accompanied with a soundtrack, which she sang at the top of her voice.

This crazy yet joyous univers gives her the strength to believe in life and to imagine that it’s possible to reach out to others whilst still staying true to one’s convictions, without betraying oneself, without compromising. Chance, and fortuitous meetings become her guardian angels from this moment on. -[Excerpt | Jazz Village] –

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