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Jazz Samba Project

This is the second CD from a band of wildly popular international artists, hailing from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. In 2011, Veronneau and exciting guest musicians drew critical acclaim and won fans from around the globe for Joie de Vivre – Joy of Living. With hefty airplay in North America and beyond, that album rose to No. 9 in JazzWeek’s World Music chart, made the Top 10 on many stations and attracted a huge Internet following. The Virginia based band toured their countries of origin and gave numerous interviews, with live performances on BBC Radio and Radio Canada.

The new disc, Jazz Samba Project, was inspired by the 1962 megahit, Jazz Samba. Fronted by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd, it was recorded at All Souls Church in Washington, D. C. After a year of collaborative research, Veronneau staged a huge Jazz Samba Golden Anniversary event there on May 20, 2012. The historic album was credited with merging the music of two hemispheres, forever changing the sonic landscape. Today the enticing sounds of Brazil are part of our musical DNA.

The new Veronneau album presents three tunes from the 1962 recording and includes some enormously popular bossa nova tunes that followed. It also introduces unexpected and enjoyable bossa nova treatments of contemporary jazz and pop classics, and showcases the latest original from band member David Rosenblatt. Listeners will be awed by the beautiful Portuguese, English and French lyrics sung by French Canadian vocalist Lynn Véronneau.

Jazz history buffs and world music fans will appreciate the extensive liner notes penned by British guitarist Ken Avis. In addition to vocalist Lynn Véronneau and guitarists Rosenblatt and Avis, the core Veronneau band features drummer Pete Walby. Featured guest musicians on the new album are Canadian saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk, Brazilian percussionist Alejandro Lucini and American trombonist Jim McFalls. Visit their website for upcoming concert dates and music.

“Satisfying and bewitching”
Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile

“On a par with the best jazz performers”
Jean Claude Elias, Jordan Times

“Lead vocalist Véronneau’s lustrous timbre recalls the style of legends like Joao Gilberto while strong musicianship … makes the listener comfortable in the idea that though Stan Getz and company may no longer be physically with us, the memory of their potent legacy remains intact.”
Marcus Dowling, On Tap

Veronneau – Jazz Samba Project – the making of the CD

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