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Mike Mahoney -][- WALLINGFORDMp3– [Mike Mahoney, 2012] –

This first record of music collecting the spirit of friends and band mates into a single, cohesive and multilayered voice, guided by the stars of our own radiant milky way wilderness, includes Mark Allen on baritone and soprano saxophones and flute, Jon Rees on alto saxophone and flute, Dylan Babitch on piano and fender rhodes, Ian Brick on electric guitar, Jon Smith on electric bass, and Jason Fraticelli and Brian Howell on upright bass. i went to music school with most all of these guys, (except Jason, whom i met through mutual friends), where this group was conceived and went through various growths and forms performing around philadelphia. this music has been in the making for nearly 5 or 6 years now, and was recorded in january 2011 at morningstar studios.

This first record of music collecting selected songs from three years composing scribbled to 2011 begins with short meditation on youth & soaring archetype image-song of flight; continues with praise-prayer painting recollecting dawn summer hikes through northern california 300 ft. ancient tall redwood earth forest cathedrals – one in particular named simpson-reed grove; back to city illusion-mind samsara trickster games of reality before universe dream’d into brief song poem-psalm map; next trying on warrior masks of hero melodies; then cathartic deluge of spirit to come flood our earth vision’d w/ heaven and ending w/ auspicious omen-blessed beginning sign of one heart mind. -[Excerpt | Wallingford]

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