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Malynda Hale -][- THE TRAIN RIDE HOME – [Goldway Records, 2012 | Review] –

The soulful yet ambitious vocalist-songwriter Malynda Hale returns with her third and most promising album to date is simply titled “THE TRAIN RIDE HOME.” Unexpectedly this listener friendly gem took me into another zone musically, it’s jam packed with heartfelt, expressive and relationship driven songs spun with her distinct blend of infectious R&B and intense pop delivered by her undeniable approach is absolutely refreshing.

Hale opens with the pulsating “City Lights,” this hook laden gem is destined for crossover success. On this colorful palate, Malynda covers her influences extremely well with her distinctive lyrical persona attached to the wings of smooth pop nuances she draws from a variety of styles on “Blue Eyes, No Words and Crazy in Love.”

In retrospect, after a few spins I simply couldn’t resist the talented Malynda Hale’s strong, evocative and powerful lyrics. As a songwriter, her lyricism exudes with unyielding compassion that’s uplifting and her warmth captures the intimacy of her life experiences is appropriate for any setting. Malynda has a winner with this album, her sound is rich and heartfelt lyrics are a perfect combo which makes this an attractive mix of music to listen too.

Although I’m not familiar with her previous endeavors, Malynda’s inspiring voice and lyricism is near matchless. On this project, she’s accompanied by the talented Jamie Squire and Lena Leon on piano along with the gifted Nick Grinlinton on guitar, Sam Brathwaite on bass and veteran percussionist Mike Veny also joins this seasoned cast of musicians.

If you’re looking for music painted in the spirit of love, self-assurance and equally as important it’s stamped with an eclectic mix of R&B underscored with sumptuous pop melodies then I’m sure the captivating Malynda Hale’s virtuous soulful and genre bending style will take you on a remarkable and inspirational journey that will fit perfectly in anyone’s music collection.

Recommended by Rob Young | Urban Flux Media | Review

Meet the Band:
Jamie Squire and Lena Leon – piano
Nick Grinlinton – guitar
Sam Brathwaite – bass
Mike Veny – percussion

Track Listing:
1) City Lights
2) Blue Eyes
3) No Words
4) Crazy Inside
5) Fallin’
6) Another World
7) Only You
8) Saying Goodbye
9) Mr. Right
10) In Love

Select songs are written by Malynda Hale and co-written with Lena Leon and Shawn Lopes

For more information about the Malynda Hale, please visit, malyndahale.com